Presidio Southwest LLC

Presidio Southwest LLC is a client-centered boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm founded in 2010 to focus on commercial transactions in the Arizona market. We excel at working on transactions that demand extensive experience and attention to detail, and we provide pragmatic solutions that work best for our clients. We take our fiduciary duty to our clients seriously and advocate only for their best interests in every aspect of the commercial transaction. We understand the complexities that lead to successful results, including legal, escrow, and due diligence.

Our approach to doing business is centered on a “hands-on” principal-to-principal involvement in all phases of every project. No detail or task is too small or insignificant.

It is the little details that are vital.
Little things make big things happen.
– John Wooden

Our in-depth experience, expertise in the Arizona commercial real estate market, and commitment to integrity combine to serve our clients with the highest degree of effectiveness.


    Rick Breuer is a distinguished leader in the commercial real estate industry, with a career spanning over 40 years throughout the Southwest United States. As the principal and founding partner of Presidio Southwest LLC, Rick has established himself as a trusted advisor and problem solver, providing clients with exceptional results and personalized service.

    Rick’s career began at Toyota Motor Sales USA, where he spent 13 years focused on automotive retail franchise operations for over 70 dealerships in Southern California. This experience gave him a deep understanding of the unique real estate needs of specialty retailers and automotive-related businesses, and a keen sense of what it takes to succeed in one of the most competitive retail environments in the country.

    In 1997, Rick relocated his family to Phoenix, Arizona, to focus his efforts on commercial real estate. Over the past 25 years, he has become one of the most respected and experienced brokers in the region, accumulating a wealth of local market knowledge and a great deal of “hands-on” experience dealing with interesting and challenging assignments.

    Throughout his career, Rick has stayed on the cutting edge of industry trends and technologies, allowing him to provide his clients with the most innovative solutions and strategies. He is an influential leader in the field of commercial real estate, regularly sharing his insights and expertise with industry peers and the broader business community, which allows his clients to benefit from innovative and effective solutions and strategies.

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    Rick Breuer

    Principal & Designated Broker

    [M] 602.527.0909